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DD8LJR - Powerful Desiccant Dehumidifier with humidistat and continuos drainage, and Laundry Mode


£159.00 £160.00
 (including VAT)
Free Shipping in UK Mainland
In stock now!

2 years warranty
The newest powerful desiccant dehumidifier on the market, large water tank. Permanent drainage supplied as standard including hose.
Ideal for up to 5 bedrooms properties, boats, caravans and motor homes, garages and outside buildings (will not freeze on low temps like compressor units), unattended applications, laundry drying

Exactly the same as DD8L apart form Ioniser and silver nano coating on the filter which are missing from this model. Please check DD8L if you are after those features

Continuous mode with autorestart on power off and permanent drainage making it ideal for unattended use
40, 50, 60% Relative Humidity Settings (Low, Normal, High).
Laundry Function and Turbo Fan Mode for extra extraction boost
3 fans mode
QUIET MODE for whisper quiet operation
1-8 hrs stopping timer

Environmentally friendly - no compressor, uses desiccant rotor technology = less noise and no refrigerant
Lighter, approx 35% lighter than equivalent compressor powered models (6.5kg vs 10kg)
No need for castors as it is so light, this is so important boats, caravans or confined spaces
Space saving 20-30% more compact than alternative compressor models
More efficient than compressor driven modes at lower temperatures
8L/day capacity at 20% and 70%RH, typical winter UK domestic conditions this is the equivalent of a compressor powered dehumidifier rated by the manufacturer as 17L/day (they measure this at 32C and also at 90%RH).
Built in heater, delivers air about 10C warmer than room air to dry air more quickly, also dry air heats quicker so it does saves you money on the heating bills

Features :
2.5L tank with water level viewer
8 litre capacity
Auto restart
Continuous drainage
Simple styled control panel
Washable Filer
Covered anti spill tank
Suitable for all domestic and unmanned applications
Child safe

Technical specifications:
Power consumption: 30/330/650 Watts depending on the humidity 
Dehumidifying capacity: 8 litres/day
Capacity water container: 2.5 litres
Air flow(nominal): 80/100/115 m3/h
For homes up to: Small 5 bedrooms house
Operating range: 1-37°C

Energy saving and accurate dehumidification combined

The DD8L Junior provides the best possible solution. When the target relative humidity is reached it runs its fan for 5 minutes to check that all is ok and then it turns itself off to save energy. Thirty minutes later it turns its fan back on and samples the air again for 5 more minutes. If the relative humidity has increased above it’s target it starts dehumidifying again, if the relative humidity is ok it goes back to sleep again for another 30 minutes. In a well sealed home this will mean that the fan will run for just 10 minutes an hour instead of 60, using less power than other desiccant dehumidifiers due to this intelligent  standby mode.

The above is the perfect balance between protecting your environment and keeping costs to a minimum.


The DD8L Junior is our best selling dehumidifier because;

It is great in a flat – very quiet, can dry laundry, very light and quiet.

In fact any house up to 5 bedrooms in size will benefit from a DD8L Junior.

As a desiccant it doesn’t mind low temperatures which means that it is perfect for looking after caravans/boats/garages/classic cars/motorhomes/holiday homes and workshops over winter. Boat owners will appreciate the lack of castors so it will not roll around on board.

The above applications usually require continuous drainage so that the tank does not have to be emptied. The DD8L Junior comes with a hose in the box.

If the power fails, when it comes back on the DD8L Junior will just start again in the mode you left it in. Most other dehumidifiers will go into standby and wait for you to return and press a button to turn them on.

Desiccant dehumidifiers do have a higher wattage rating than compressor dehumidifiers but in the British climate they extract water faster and are therefore on for less time, especially below 15°C.  Therefore, overall, the total amount of energy used will be less.  Please note that all energy consumed by the dehumidifier will be returned to the room as heat and as this is a winter product that is a good thing and is certainly not a waste of energy consumption.

The DD8L Junior has a Laundry mode to dry your washing faster and to prevent the water from the clothes from doing any damage around the home.

A small point that our customers tell us is very important is that the DD8L Junior allows you to select a quiet fan speed independent of the relative humidity that you might wish to select.  This ensures that the DD8L Junior will stay in quiet mode whenever you want absolute quiet, for example at night.

Finally like all our dehumidifiers DD8L Junior turns off when the internal bucket is full and the bucket itself has a splash proof cover to make sure that not a drop is split as you pour the water away.

  Dimensions: (W x D x H)
35.10 x 18.80 x 50.00 cm (net)
6.40 kg (net)
7.40 kg (gross)
 Brand: Meaco
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DD8L Junior User Manual 673.19 Kb Download

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