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PV1763 - Photovoltaic System 2.115 Kw


 (including VAT)
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System Size: 2.115 kw
Array Size: 9x235 w Modules
Array Power Annual: 1763kw/h
Annual Returns: £952.90

We only use highest quality SHARP pv panels and SunnyBoy inverters.

There has never being a better time than now to fit a Solar Photovoltaic system (Solar PV) to your home or business! With the introduction of the Governments new Feed in Tariffs from April 2010.

We are accredited for the supply and installation for all your Solar needs through Elecsa & the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) ensuring you will receive the best advice, service and products at all times.

Its a bit like having your own power station on the roof! And the best bit is you get to sell every single KW of power produced regardless of whether you use it or not!

The new Government feed in tariff (FIT) comes into effect in April 2010. In short this means the payback period for the installation of Solar PV which fall significantly and income every year will be guaranteed for up to 25 years.

Here's how it works: A typical system of under 4kw (Which is nearly every home) fitted before March 2012 will qualify for a feed in tariff of 41.3 pence per KW/h produced,  guaranteed for 25 years. An example of this in real terms means a typical system producing 2000 kw/h per year will receive £826 cashback, every year for 25 years. Assuming you use 75% of this electricity in your own home then your electricity bills will be reduced by around £225 per year (Approx 15 pence per kw/h). The remaining 25% that you didn't manage to use will be sold back to your supplier at the proposed rate of 3 pence per kw/h, £15 per year.

Solar HouseTotal Value £1,066 per year, every year for 25 years.

As Electricity prices rise these figures will only get better and better. You will see from the above example that it is better to use all your 'home made' electricity rather than sell it as the rate you buy it for is considerably higher than the saleable rate (Export tariff).

Full details of the new feed in tariffs can be found at:

Department of Energy and Climate Change

The table below will give you an idea of the fully fitted costs of a Photovoltaic installation. Naturally every house or project needs to be looked at on an individual basis, however based on previous installations the figures below are a good indication. (The below figures are based on a 30 degree pitch roof, south facing with no shading, 50% Export & 75% Consumption)

System Size    Array Size    Array Power Annual     Annual Returns    Fully Fitted, Inc VAT
1.08kw     6x180w Modules     900kw/h     £480.05     £6,599.00
1.26kw     7x180w Modules     1050kw/h     £543.90     £7,149.00
1.41kw     6x235w Modules     1175kw/h     £635.09     £7,699.00
2.115kw    9x235w Modules     1763kw/h     £952.90     £10,449.00
2.82kw    12x235w Modules    2351kw/h     £1,271.06     £12,099.00
3.24kw     18x180w Modules    2701kw/h     £1,297.71     £13,750.00
3.96kw     22x180w Modules    3301kw/h     £1,709.92     £15,799.00

The above prices are fully installed prices and we will try to keep them fixed at those levels unless major issue with the install. However a qualified  engineer will do a FREE comprehensive site survey of the site before any contract will be drawn and signed.

We take on larger  commercial and industrial projects as well.

For pre-sales support please leave your phone number and name or email address below on our chat window.



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